Dental Technology

At Boston Dental Design, we have the latest technology and equipment to help reduce unnecessary time, noise, and dental pain. New dental technology and hi-tech diagnostic tools are changing the way that modern dentists operate. These tools save time by:

  • Reducing the time spent in the dentist’s office
  • Decreasing the number of necessary appointments
  • Helping to reduce pain and discomfort during dental visits, and
  • Reducing the noise associated with traditional equipment

When you seek care at Dr. Zourdos’s Boston dentist office, you can be assured that Dr. Zourdos and his team utilize the latest in dental technology.

Here are some of the ways that Dr. Zourdos incorporates this technology and equipment in his practice.

Cerec 3D

Technology enables dentists to design and place beautiful dental restorations in a single patient visit. Perfectly fitted restorations are designed in three dimensions, and the ceramic material is milled right in the office. With CEREC technology, we can restore decayed teeth, design and place porcelain crowns, replace amalgam fillings, design and place inlays, onlays and dental veneers in one appointment.

Dental Laser

At Boston Dental Design we offer dental laser treatment. In many cases, patients using a dental laser will not require local anesthesia due to minimal amounts of pain. Although some procedures will require anesthesia-many will not. Using anesthesia can be a cause of concern for some patients, so using a laser will lessen the amount of risks for them, and they will save some money on the cost of the anesthetic. Other advantages of dental lasers include:  it minimizes the amount of bleeding, swelling, and use of stitches for certain procedures, and improves blood clotting. Most patients will leave their dentist’s office without any type of bleeding, pain, or stitches in their mouths allowing them to go back to home, work or school faster. Click here to read more about dental lasers.

Digital Dental X-Ray

We take X-rays with a digital sensor rather than a traditional film. This x-ray eliminates the chocking or “gag reflex” associated with traditional film, reduces radiation exposure by 80-90%, and is safer for the environment, eliminating the need for environmentally hazardous chemicals.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are an excellent means of allowing the patient to view potential dental conditions in their own mouth.  It is much easier to understand what is happening in your mouth if you can see the problem on a computer monitor. This digital image can be utilized to provide information to insurance companies and other doctors if necessary.

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary Endodontics, or root canal, is a method in which the doctor utilizes an electric handpiece to perform the procedure.  The electric handpiece allows the doctor to clean and shape the canals faster than using hand files and because it is electric, there is no drill noise.  This makes the whole experience much more pleasant.

Electric Handpieces

There are basically two types of handpieces, air-driven and electric. Electric handpieces are much stronger than air-driven, due to the fact that a motor is spinning the bur as opposed to air.  This allows the doctor to remove decay at a faster pace.  This will cut down on the time it takes to complete a procedure. Also electric handpieces tend to be significantly quieter than conventional ones.

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